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What is SEO Marketing?


The first question you should ask when you need to improve your company’s marketing efforts is what’s SEO and how can it help my marketing efforts? SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO marketing that is a term that refers to using information from a website for a variety of purposes, and it generally refers to improving… read more

Does Your Business Need Google My Business?

google my business

Google My Business is well-known for its amazing technology and features.e. This service can be utilized to advertise your small business on the internet. You can have your own site on a really cheap and efficient method of advertising your business, Using Google My Business listings. The one thing you need to do is to… read more

Is Windows 10 Spying on You?

Are you thinking about Windows 10 and your concerned about your privacy?  Here’s how you can protect yourself.  According to, ” Despite what you may have read, Windows 10 is not spying on everything you do. So feel free to remove your tin-foil beanie. However, Windows 10 could potentially collect a ton of data about you… read more

4 Tips How to Choose the Best Blog Topics


Tired of trying to come up with what to blog about?  Not sure what topics your target audience are interested in? According to an article at ” 1) Know your target audience. Let me deal with first things first — the “best possible blogging topics” are the best ones for your audience. Everything comes… read more

7 Tips to Create Great Surveys

Why are surveys useful to your business?  When done right surveys are a very valuable and effective way to learn about your customers. By knowing what people really think about your services, products or customer service can really help you to adjust and grow your business.  Guessing what customers like and care about can be… read more

13 Ways to Use Google+ to Improve Your Marketing

Social media continues to become increasingly important in the marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes.  Over the last year Google+ has gained a lot of traction and growth in the social media arena.  Google+ users are now engaging posts just slightly less than Facebook and significantly more than Twitter. If you are not using… read more

Want an Easy Way to Get More Leads?

We all want more leads for our business.  We spend lots of money and time on our web sites with the goal of generating more leads.  But did you know that with a few simple changes to the graphics on your web site’s home page could increase your conversion rate?  In a recent article at… read more

Is Your Web Site Making You Money?

Is your web site making you money?  Is it helping your business or just costing you more money with little return on investment?  Does your web site clearly tell potential new customers who you are, what you do and why they should choose you?  Are you regularly adding new and valuable content to your web… read more

Starbucks Admits to Using Google+ For SEO More Than Social

Did you know that nearly half of the 540 million active users on Google+ do not visit the social network?  Yet Google continues to push Google+ on businesses especially local businesses.  So should you ignore Google+ for your business?  We would suggest not to ignore it and use it for SEO purposes to help your… read more

Using Facebook to Market Your Company

Facebook has rapidly become a very powerful marketing tool for both small and large businesses.  Right now we are in the wild wild wet of Facebook growth.  Growing your business with Facebook can be very affordable with excellent ROI.  But to get that excellent return on your investment you must know these key Facebook stats… read more

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