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Posts in Category: Digital Marketing

Why Google Ads Will Make You More Money

Google AdWords is an advertising program run by Google which helps small businesses market their products and services to targeted customers. Countless advertisers and tens of thousands of marketers use AdWords to market their websites, and countless publishers and bloggers use AdWords to make creative adverts. What is Google AdWords? Google AdWords is your main… read more

How a Google My Business Listing Will Boost Your Company

Utilizing Google My Business to promote your company is an efficient approach to reaching your target audience. One of the reasons many small business owners use this support is that it supplies them with a fast, simple way to include new contacts, create new customers, and even monitor the success of their campaigns. However, if… read more

Why You Need A Digital Marketing Strategy (and How to Get Started)

Digital advertising and marketing program is a general strategy of action to attain your digital marketing objectives. Your plan explains how you want to attain your goals, such as increasing your site traffic by five percentage points or even increasing your customer lead generation rates by half a percent. Marketing strategies for the current business… read more

What Pegasus Online’s 1-Page Gameplan Does for Your Business

Pegasus Online’s 1-Page Gameplan, also called a SMART Marketing Report, outlines the online traffic you’re currently receiving, and shows critical areas that could be causing deficits in leads and lack of engagement from potential customers. It also compares your digital footprint to your competitors, allowing you to see what’s working for them and gain a… read more

Why You Should Choose a SMART Website Design

SMART websites have taken the conventional website to a whole new level. While a site used to be just a location for a company owner or individual to market their service or product, today’s site can give the latest news, information, videos, graphics, surveys, links, images, videos, songs, and interactive components that attract a wider… read more

Geofencing 101 and How It Will Help Your Business

Current studies show that geofencing, a particular local optimized approach to capturing clients, has double the conversion rate of traditional mobile advertising. Geofencing is a relatively new term which refers to the use of cellphones and other wireless technology that collect location data as a marketing tool. It is particularly useful for mobile marketing optimization… read more

How to Increase Your Digital Footprint Using Local Listings

Local business listings serve as a bridge between internet searchers and offline locations. Local listings include information about a business, such as the organization’s name, contact number, and physical location. How Can Local Listings Help Me? The major function of listings would be to market a business and increase its ranking in a search engine…. read more

The Importance of Google Maps and Geotargeting

Search engine marketing professionals have long recognized the power of using Google Maps to advertise their business. In fact, Maps is only one of many factors Google uses when calculating its search engine ranking algorithms. By using Google Maps as a marketing tool, you will be well on your way to optimizing your website for… read more

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