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Are you putting your business at risk of a lawsuit?

Don’t be blindsided by an unnecessary lawsuit — use our ADA compliance software and rest easy knowing you’re safe from lawsuits.

Lawsuits are:

  • Stressful, both emotionally and financially
  • Time-consuming
  • A waste of time and money

They leave you feeling on edge, dealing with costly attorneys looking out for their own interests and keeping you up at night thinking about potential consequences if you lose. As business owners, we can't afford to waste our time, money, effort, and energy on unnecessary lawsuits, which is why ADA compliance is so important.

Having ADA compliance on your website today is easier than it's ever been, thanks to AccessiBe, our AI-driven plugin, which provides legal documentation to fully protect your website from lawsuits and gives everyone access to the goods and services you provide.

Other brands choose AccessiBe to protect them from ADA lawsuits.

It’s not just lawsuits — many Americans struggle with disabilities and the barriers they present to Internet access.

We have experience with family members and friends with disabilities and the struggles they've had through life when it comes to accessing businesses or things they need.

The founder of Pegasus Online has tremendous experience with this — his dad lost his vision as a child and his hearing as a young adult. His mom acted as his window to the digital world, interpreting web pages for him and helping him perform essential tasks online. Unfortunately, his mother lost her vision towards the end of her life, leaving his father without access to businesses or the Internet: things he needed to survive and live a full life.

Three Easy Steps

Step 01

Fill out a form to get a free evaluation and risk report of your website's current ADA compliance.

Step 02

We will analyze your website's risk and help you make your business' website fully ADA compliant.

Step 03

Feel secure knowing your website is fully ADA compliant, your risk of a lawsuit is gone, and your business is accessible to more customers.

Have legal documentation proving your website is fully ADA compliant.

Our technology will monitor your website daily, making necessary changes.

Your website will always be compliant with the most recent ADA laws.

All customers will be able to access your website regardless of their ability.




Providing protection against an ADA lawsuit

“A few months after starting to work with AccessiBe, we received a demand letter claiming our website was not compliant with accessibility law. We quickly asked our legal team to reach out to AccessiBe to learn what was going on, and AccessiBe was very quick to respond. They connected our lawyers with AccessiBe’s CEO, who manually tested our website and assured us our website is in-fact compliant and that there was nothing we need to worry about.

AccessiBe helped us compose a proper reply to the plaintiff, and provided us with a certification of accessibility along with screenshots proving our site was compliant. We saved thousands of dollars easily, just by having your product.

The demand letter was withdrawn immediately after we sent out the response!”

Carlos Gazatua, Sergois

The choice is yours:

Comply, or don’t and run the risk of a lawsuit

Hire Pegasus Online and comply with ADA requirements:

  • Feel safe knowing your website is protected from ADA lawsuits
  • Reach more customers that previously couldn't access your business
  • Feel secure that your website will always be ADA compliant with daily updates
  • Receive legal documentation proving your website is ADA compliant
  • You and your employees will not be bogged down with updating your website to keep up with complicated ADA laws
  • Our ADA solution is hands-off and updates your website automatically which saves you time, money, and worry
  • Enjoy a simple, stress-free process to your website becoming ADA compliant

Don’t comply

  • Continue to be at risk for costly, time-consuming ADA lawsuits
  • Continue to stress about complicated, constantly-changing ADA laws and waste your resources keeping your website up-to-date with new laws and content
  • Continue to turn away customers and lose business with an inaccessible website

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