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How To Use Google Ads to Reach Your Marketing Goals


Google AdSense is an ad-supported online advertising network available by Google. The way that it works is really quite simple: if users type a specific keyword into the search box, Google returns the most important results for the query. Those outcomes may include an advertisement that targets that particular keyword on an appropriate website. Since Google AdSense advertisements are usually set in the content of a website, they’re also called ‘sponsored links’.

How much does advertising on Google cost?

This is determined according to how relevant a website is for the particular keywords that the advertisement is trying to target. Therefore, if a website has a great deal of content with high relevancy to a specific query, Google AdSense ads will generally be cheaper than other types of advertisements.

However, not all sites will be proper candidates for Google AdSense. If your site lacks the appropriate amount of relevant content, then your AdSense earnings will most likely be less than expected. You might also be charged a higher fee because you aren’t able to achieve as big an audience as other websites. Nevertheless, if you select the proper keywords and supply relevant content to individuals searching for those keywords, you can expect to earn a steady flow of income from Google AdSense ads.

Along with the expenses of conducting a Google AdSense account, you might incur some cost when seeking to sell ads. Most advertisers will purchase ad space on a website then pay the owner each time someone clicks on their ad. Google requires a small percentage of this selling, so you must still cover expenses when purchasing advertising space. However, because advertisers usually pay as much as five percent of each sale, you may make money over time should you keep up a high volume of sales.

How do I buy Google AdSense advertising?

To begin with, consider the location of the ad you want to put on a website. For example, you may opt to place AdSense ads that direct traffic to an offer page. That type of ad is best positioned on the top or bottom of the page, but you might also choose to place Google AdSense ads on the side, below the fold, or anywhere in between.

If you are a newcomer to using Google AdSense, then there are a number of tools that will help you locate ad spots. Try out an ad placement tool such as Adbrite, and Adbrite’s Google Places for Advertisers. You can even find a lot of helpful information on Google’s advertisements and placement service.

Many businesses choose Google AdSense for their advertising needs, and they can be cheap, simple to make and very effective. There are lots of tools online to help you design and distribute your ads, so get started today!


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