November 2

Why You Should Choose a SMART Website Design

SMART websites have taken the conventional website to a whole new level. While a site used to be just a location for a company owner or individual to market their service or product, today’s site can give the latest news, information, videos, graphics, surveys, links, images, videos, songs, and interactive components that attract a wider array of consumers. No longer does a site only cater to a specific demographic; in fact, SMART website design makes the site appealing to the whole world.

Not all web sites are created equal. Bright sites bring the fluidity and instinctive nature of mobile applications to the internet. Clients love a website that’s easy to use and navigate. A SMART site provides you a chance to cut back on prices without sacrificing the capacity to offer a high-quality experience for clients. With advanced technologies in slick manners, these websites foster engagement, generate affinity, spark passion, motivate visitors to take actions, promote social interaction, promote conversion, drive revenue, and increase website visibility.

Using Pegasus Online’s SMART acronym when designing a website will ensure you’re providing your customers with the most informational, streamlined website possible.

S: Social Media Integration

Encourage social media engagement for visitors to your site, which expands your social media presence and multiple levels of engagement and consumer interaction.

M: Marketing Intelligence

Nearly 90% of Internet users utilize search engines to find information on products, services, or businesses. If your site isn’t optimized for search engines, you’re missing out on lots of potential customers.

A: Artistically Designed

A professionally-designed website features your brand’s aesthetics and improves legitimacy to keep you competitive in the digital age. Combining colorful, dynamic designs with an easy-to-navigate site layout ensures your site is fun yet professional, as well as highly informative.

R: Rich Content and Video

A smart content strategy allows you to leverage strategically-created content, promotions and videos to increase conversions. More media on your site also increases its legitimacy, which will push your website higher in search engine rankings.

T: Traffic and Conversions

Website traffic and converting those visitors into sales is essential to growing your business. With SEO and paid traffic advertising, getting more people to visit and revisit your site has never been easier.

By utilizing Pegasus Online’s SMART acronym, we produce professional, informative, dynamic websites. If you’re interested in getting more customers and increasing your digital footprint and website traffic, click on the “SMART Websites” link under the “How We Can Help You” tab to get started!


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